Preview your new products to thousands of attendees with video – at low cost.

Step 1: Video Parameters and Suggestions to Get You Started:

• 45-90 second (.mp4 or .mov file format)
• Invite viewers to come see you at Vision Expo West
• Tell who you are and what’s new in your booth
• Highlight your unique product benefits
• Conduct a demo, show your new product line, design, technology, etc.
• Use your company and brand signage
• Include a call-to-action and your booth# at close
• If a 10×10 exhibitor, use your pop-up booth as a studio set
• Increase ROI with links: website, newsletter, social media, press release

Step 2: Video Reservation Submission, Payment, and Upload Link

To reserve your video, you must fill out the form below and CLICK SUBMIT. You will receive an electronic invoice requesting payment in the amount of $1,500.00 (2 videos – $2,700.00; 3 videos – $3,600.00). Upon payment you will receive a secure link to upload your video(s) to the review site. Your video(s) remain on the VisionExpo Channel as long as you exhibit.

Step 3: Create Your New Product Video

To optimize viewing time, your video should be 45-90 seconds in length, no longer. Be sure to invite attendees to visit your booth, and to give your booth# on screen, and in audio.

Contact customer service at 203-529-4895, if you have never recorded a sales video. We’ll advise you on proven ways to create effective, and memorable new product video invitations, that engage attendees – from solution selling script development and review, to ‘Must Haves,’ and ‘Tips and Tricks.’

Please Note:

Videos will be uploaded to the International Vision Expo YouTube Channel in the order received. Direct reference to competitors in your video is not permitted. Submission of your video is your authorization for Vision Expo to post your video to the International Vision Expo YouTube Channel. Vision Expo reserves the right of final approval for all submitted content for posting to the International Vision Expo YouTube Channel.

Step 4: Posting and Review of Your Video

Once uploaded to the review site, we will review your video and post it to the International Vision Expo YouTube Channel within 48 hours. You will also receive a video link for your website, email signatures, newsletters, social media, and press releases.

Stand Out! Get Started Today

Complete the video reservation form below and CLICK SUBMIT. A Customer Service rep will follow up to answer any questions you may have about recording your new product video(s).

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